Door Threshold

stoneIn several cultures thresholds are customarily made using specific techniques and materials. A threshold at the door is the best way to keep your home clean from dirt and free from insects and critters. Apart from that, it also proves to be an excellent security measure.

A threshold is installed at the base of the frame of the door. In some cases it also acts as the base for the door frame itself. It is located just outside the door and acts as a seal for the small gap that is left between the door and the floor. A threshold is principally made out of 3 prominent materials:

Wood: This threshold is very simple to make because all you will need is a thick log or panel of wood, that fits into the length of the door. You will need a saw to cut and shape the wood, and nails and a hammer to fix the log into the door space. If you are planning to make the threshold as a do-it-yourself project then a chisel and hammer will make excellent tools to make simple yet fascinating designs on the wood.
Concrete or Stone: The ones that are made from stone are more expensive and you will need a lot of efforts to install the stone one, as it needs cutting as per measurements, toning, and finishing. Installation of such a threshold requires concrete in small amounts and appropriate niches in the door frame itself are made in some cases. It goes without saying that these threshold are expensive to install.
Metal or Polymers: Of late, several companies and manufacturers have started manufacturing smaller, much well designed and kind-of-compact thresholds. They can be simply glued down on to the floor and then can be enforced or further affixed on the floor by a drill and then a screw. They are the best for air-conditioned or carpeted homes, as they almost seal the door frame air tight.

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Screen Door Repair

scerA screen door works wonders for a home. From keeping it safe from pests, to still allowing the cool breeze to find its way into the house; it performs this dual function beautifully. But what when the door is stuck, or the screen gets ripped? That’s when you have to step in and repair it.


If the problem is minor, and you can identify it yourself, repairing is the next step. Take a look at the problems you may face and the instructions on how to take care of them.

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Sliding Barn Doors

abhaBe it interior or exterior sliding doors, they have been very popular with people who wish to have a neat and unique look for their barns. And why not, when they add a classy vintage look to the overall architecture of a particular building. There are many materials with which you can build them. But it is advisable to buy heavy and strong materials. Further, make sure that the material you choose is durable and can bear the weather changes. Given below are some of the benefits of these doors.


Sliding doors are more beneficial compared to swinging ones when it comes to barns built for horses, other animals, or general farm storage. They are more feasible and dynamic. Handling livestock is much easier. You can keep the door open slightly for ventilation making sure that no animals escape from that gap. Conversely, in swinging ones animals can easily push the doors and come out. Apart from that, you can try various sliding door options for better livestock management. You can go for single large ones or try Dutch style ones in which you can keep the upper door open for ventilation and feeding, and close the lower one to lock the animals inside the barn. When you go for a large single sliding door, you may build a window in it to take a look inside the barn occasionally. If not, you may keep a small horizontal swinging door above the sliding door for ventilation and light. There are many designs you can choose as per your needs.

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Pantry Doors

afc64becd646d39fd5b8a45d5c88f873When you have a well designed pantry area to store and stuff the cooking essentials, the kitchen is sure to have minimal mess. With a well-organized pantry you can store food items in bulk, and place the small kitchen appliances in this area. A pantry might be right in the kitchen space or at another corner of the dining area as well. Placement of one usually varies depending upon the interior design and layout. Well designed pantry doors will not only add to the kitchen décor, but also help keep the space covered and hide the items stuffed in the shelves.

Wooden Doors
If you have your kitchen decorated in a rustic style, then a wooden pantry door can be the best choice. You can add a simple plain door with the veneer of a color that matches the kitchen cabinets. Those having a designer frame or border and raised up appearance look pretty. Have a single swing or a double door with handles to give it an armoire effect.

Glass Doors
With the glass variety you can instantly add an elegant look to the cooking space. With a wide variety to choose from, glass is definitely the thing to checkout if you want to have a stylish and rich looking kitchen area. Frosted glass or decorative stained glass can add a unique charm to your interiors. If you are searching for a door to spice up the cabinet, the etched glass variants are the ultimate pick.

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Frosted Glass Doors

flosTill a few years back, frosted glass doors were used only in commercial establishments such as offices and shops. However, now, these stylish and sleek looking doors are very widely being used in home interior decorating. They let the light in like the regular glass doors, but have one advantage over them. They diffuse the light and hence nothing is clearly visible through them. Thus, they maintain privacy and at the same time, allow easy passage of natural light into the house, making them an ideal choice for various rooms of the house.

Interior Doors

These doors can enhance the décor of any house or office as they are available in a variety of styles and designs. There are options available which have designs such as beautiful floral patterns, crisscross lines, borders, lettering, etc. etched on them. These designs are created by placing a stencil on a clear glass in the shape of the design and sandblasting the rest of the area. So you can choose from the variety of designs available in the market, which match the theme of your house or rooms. These days, you can even get your own customized graphics or designs etched on them.

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